“Nature here embraces you, our architecture does you due honour !”

The “SoajoNature” houses are one dream we try to make true together with our guests !

This is an ideal place to experience a veritable fairy-tale, as it’s accomplished style and comfort are in subtle harmony with nature. When you are PNPG-bound, you are bound to find here ages-old heritage sites with memorable stories to tell, natural mountain ponds and thermal lakelets, and natural sceneries with such fauna and flora which are unique in this Country. Here you will find traditions and values which go back to our origins, and here gourmet food is an heritage, belonging to our culture and traditions.

Love Story House

Favo de Mel House


Romantic Moments

Biosphere Reserve

Flavors with tradition

Gastronomia arcuense em destaque na TVI

Gastronomia arcuense em grande destaque na rubrica Mesa Nacional da TVI.Carne Cachena foi a rainha deste espaço informativo!Local das filmagens: Restaurante Saber ao Borralho, situado em Soajo, Arcos de Valdevez, integrado no Parque Nacional Peneda GerêsVeja o vídeo!

Posted by Município de Arcos de Valdevez on Freitag, 4. August 2017


What you should visit

“SoajoNature” houses are located in the Peneda-Gerês National Park, probably in the most beautiful area of this National Park, this is why we point out to you as suggestions some places we advise you not to miss.(check the map)

What to do

The activities you have access to are quite varied.(further information)

Gourmet Food

Here the gourmet cuisine is part of our cultural and traditional Heritage. (more information)


Information on the region. (see more)