What to do

Open-air activities, such as : Kayak and Raft descents ; Canyoning ; Trekking ; Canoeing ; Paintball competitions ; Bow and Arrow Shooting, and Blow-pipe Shooting ; Mountain-Climbing ; Fishing ; Hunting ; etc.

But, being this a mountain region, the best ways to get to know it, and to get in touch with the National Park’s natural and cultural features, are by means of ATB ( All-Terrain-Biking ) excursions and mountain-walking tours . There are several walking mountain-trails which are signaled, and for most of them you can get a guiding-booklet unfoldable as helping material for it’s interpretation and map. Apart from these, it is possible to go through other trails which are not marked on the terrain, but which usually match some rural tracks or the shepherds’ routes.

Some of these routes are located within the limits of the “Natural Environment Area”, inside which any mountaineering activities must have a specific authorization given previously by the National Park Administration.

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*More specific information available at the “SoajoNature” houses